SANTA MARIA (New Range Of Evoo´s)

Main goal of this project is to evaluate and
select those varieties resulting from 431 new olive crosses obtained in autumn
2021, which stand out for their productivity and high fat yield in order to
obtain new oils with high stability and high polyphenol content. After this
evaluation, to validate the project, two analyses will be carried out
(organoleptic and physical-chemical) and those varieties with optimum
productivity and fat yield will be selected in order to search for oils with
high stability that can last with greater quality over time.

DROUGHT (Selection of drought-resistant olive varieties)


Main goal of this project is the germination and breeding of approximately 1.000 new crosses from drought-resistant parents in autumn 2022, which stand out for their adaptation to the lack of water, apart from their production and fat yield. After this evaluation, in order to validate the project, those varieties will be selected that show optimum flowering and fruit set, good fruit development and finally those that stand out for their resistance to drought and optimum production and fat yield.
RAYO (Selection of New More Productive Olive Varieties)

RAYO’s main goal is to evaluate and select those varieties resulting from 158 new olive crosses obtained in autumn 2020, which stand out for several characteristics: productivity, high fat yield, earliness, entry into production, resistance to pests and diseases and optimal architecture for hedgerow olive grove plantations that facilitate both mechanised harvesting and manual pruning. After this evaluation, in order to validate the project, those varieties will be selected that show optimum flowering and fruit set, good fruit development and finally those that stand out for their productivity and fat yield, in order to maximise the genetic resources of the olive tree for both growers and nurserymen.
QOIL (Breeding plan to obtain varieties and/or clones resilient to climate change. Alternatives for obtaining premium oils through the complementarity of mixed plantations.)


The goal of this project is to obtain several olive varieties that are genetically very close to each other, in such a way that they could be clones of a single variety (*understanding as clones materials from the same cross but from different seeds, and subsequently multiplied asexually to maintain the genetic identity), and that are selected for their biochemical quality, their organoleptic complementarity, and at the same time for their resilience to abiotic stresses mainly (resistance to cold and adaptation to rainfed cultivation).
OSAL (Selection of olive varieties for tolerance to soil salinity in a super-high-density orchard)
LEADER: Carmen Bermudez-Coronel García de Vinuesa

OSAL project aims to establish an experimental plot with traditional and new olive genotypes adapted to super-intensive cultivation to testing their adaptation to saline soils. The information and results from this orchard will be made available to olive breeders participating in the Gen4Olive Project and others. In addition, these data will allow the selection of olive cultivars as genitors for these specific conditions in order to establish new breeding action.

FROST Olive (Looking for cold and climate-resistant varieties from Eastern Europe)
LEADER: Domaine Svanidze LLC

Main objectives of FROST Olive project are: 1) To carry out a prospection in order to valorise lost authentic local varieties of Georgia; 2) To carry out an experimental trial in Kakheti, Georgia, testing the main cold-resistant varieties, local varieties, and varieties that are adapted to the super-intensive system. 3) Design and initiate a breeding project to obtain varieties adaptable to Georgian climatic conditions and high-density systems (mechanization).

ResOLIVE-SHD (Development of New Verticillium Resistant Olive Varieties Suitable for Super High Density with High Quality)

The main objective of this project is to develop new cultivars which are suitable for high-density plantations designed to be mechanically harvested. The second purpose of this project is to shorten the juvenile period of these new olive cultivars. In the project, the third purpose is to increase the olive and olive oil quality and yield of olive. The final aim of the project is to develop new varieties which are resistant to Verticillium.
MecaTableOlive (Determination of bruising damage at harvest in olive varieties and development of new potentially resistant genotypes)




This Project aims to develop an economical, effective, and easy-to-reproduce method for evaluating susceptibility to bruising damage in olives, with the objective of evaluating a large number of olive varieties with minimal costs. In addition, crosses will be carried out with the main objective of developing new varieties that, in addition to having good for table olives characteristics and are not very sensitive to bruising damage, adapt to high-density plantations. 

Ca-Dry-OliveAdapt (New olive cultivars adapted to calcic soils for dryland conditions)

The aim of this project is to develop new resilient olive cultivars adapted to dryland and highly calcareous soil conditions. The development of a new cultivar with tolerance to calcareous soils and high tolerance to drought stress would help solving a very important challenge in the Mediterranean region, because more than 50% of the cultivated land is subjected to these abiotic stresses.


The objective of this project is to settle a long-term pilot experiment at the “Conservatoire Méditerranéen de l’olivier à Nîmes” for testing 3 of 7 agronomic values of hybrids and then comparing olive production of a few cultivars with different rootstock genotypes. This project will allow a diversification of cultivated germplasm with the objective to increase the durability of orchards, while keeping the typicality of local products with relatively high income.


Breedolive (Breeding for adaptation to olive hedgerow in dry farming)
LEADER: Cordoplant S. L.

Main goal of this project is to initiate a new breeding program specifically focused on developing new olive cultivars adapted to the hedgerow system in dry farming. Those cultivars might combine a growth habit suitable for hedgerow training with a good adaptation to dry framing conditions. This will be accomplished by the direct selection of seedling 3 of 7 progenies for adaptation to the dry farming hedgerow growing system. Additionally, some progenies already growing in the greenhouse will be planted in the field in dry farming conditions, to perform selection for adaptation to water-limited environment from the first stages of selection.

OWN (Olive, what’s next?)

LEADER: Formica Pietro Tindaro Vivai

This company has already developed 15 new genetic lines of olive cultivars and they are already implanted in an experimental mother plant field. Within OWN project, these genetic lines will be evaluated for a dual-purpose use. The possibility of having cultivars suitable for a dual use, both for the production of olive oil and as table olives, give to the producer an alternative to the traditional olive cultivation.

FlavorX (Breeding plan for the diversification and entry of the olive into the Asian market)
LEADER: Musai Olive Oil ltd

The main objective of the FlavorX project is to select the best progenitors (parentals) and to design a breeding plan whose main milestone is to obtain oils that are suitable from the organoleptic point of view for the Asian market. Likewise, the breeding plan will consider the adaptation of the new varieties in superintensive plantation and their tolerance to the main olive diseases present in Mediterranean and China olive growing areas. Through FlavorX, an extensive study with at least 1000 participants on the organoleptic characteristics of EVOO preferred by the Chinese population will be carried out.

ALGENES 2 (First Olive Crossbreeding Program in Albania)

LEADER: Musaj Olive Oil ltd

The main objective of this project is to obtain by crossbreeding new varieties with agronomic and technological properties that have never been present in the Albanian market. The potential new olive varieties will be selected by the following criteria: 1. Adaptation to Super High Density (SHD) system (low vigour tree); 2. Precocity in fruit bearing (3-4 years after plantation); 3. High productivity (above 10.000 kg of fruits per ha and 17-18% oil yield); 4. High oil content and high oxidative stability; 5. High in oleic acid and polyphenols; 6. Excellent organoleptic properties.

RESOLIVE (Revaluation of the olive genetic resources of northern Spain for breeding varieties resistant to cold and acid soils)
LEADER: Merayo Martin SL

The main objectives of the RESOLIVE project are: 1) Prospecting and complete identification of the ancient olive trees in the Bierzo area (Spain); 2) Agronomic characteristic evaluation of them (oil production and quality); 3) Design of a breeding programme to obtain varieties adaptable to frost and acid soils.


Phe4Health (Breeding plan to obtain outstanding cultivars in phenolic compounds with antiinflammatory properties)

LEADER: Merayo Martin SL

The specific objectives of Phe4Health are: 1) Based on previous studies, test the effect of specific phenols at specific doses against DED (inflammatory disease); 2) Design and consolidate a breeding plan to obtain olives/oils rich in the phenolic profiles with an anti-inflammatory effects and trees suitable for the super-intensive system.

SILVOLIVE (Characterization of wild olive genotypes for use as rootstocks of interest for SHD plantations)


The general objective of this project is to use a collection of wild olive genotypes as a source of genes and rootstocks for olive cultivation. Specific objectives include: 1) Identify the most effective genotypes to reduce vigour; 2) Implement the procedures to make the production of grafted olive plants economically viable in a certified nursery, guaranteeing the genetic and sanitary quality of the plant material through biotechnological tools. The plant material will be validated in field trials to further improve the performance of intensive and superintensive cultivation.


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